Herb Mixture with Spignel Root for Pear Honey 100g (3.5oz)


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“Honey with a mixture of spices and pears is in Hildegard’s medicine the most important medicinal agent for the intestines, and thus a universal means of prevention and treatment of the causes of diseases.”

St. Hildegard speaks about Herb Mixture with Spignel Root for Pear Honey: “Every day, eat on an empty stomach as much of this remedy as fits on a small spoon, after a meal – two spoons, and before bed, take three spoons in bed. These are the best preserves more precious than gold and more useful than the purest gold, as they relieve migraines, reduce the breathlessness caused in the chest by raw pears, and eliminate that disease and all bad humors that are in man, thus purifying him, just as vessels are cleansed of dirt.”

For more information: “Physica,” a work by St. Hildegard of Bingen.

Herb Mixture with Spignel Root for Pear Honey is consumed without additives or used as a spread on bread every day for at least 4 weeks, depending on age and body weight:

Morning: 1 pinch to 1 teaspoon before breakfast.
Noon: 2 pinches to 2 teaspoons after meals.
Evening: 3 pinches to 3 teaspoons before sleep.
Excerpts from the book “Return to Harmony” by Alfred Walkowski.


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